John’s Library Too Popular

Students from other colleges are being turfed out of St John’s Library because it’s proving too popular.

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St John’s library is proving so popular that porters are having to patrol the corridors, and kick out students from other colleges.

In an email to John’s students, JCR Pres Waheed Chadhrey said: “Some Johnians are finding it difficult to find a space to work in the library when they need it, as a result of seats being used by members of other Colleges, contrary to Library rules.”

The problem of ‘revision tourists’ has become so bad that the JCR and College have had to take steps to crack down on these rogue revisers.

John’s Library: too good?

Students have been asked to put their Uni cards on their desks while they work in the library to prove they’re from the college.

Porters and staff will also patrol the corridors and turf out any students who fail to prove they’re from John’s.

Second year Johnian Bex Xiao told The Tab she doubted the new measure would ease congestion very much, saying: “Actually, I don’t think there’s that many people in the library who are not from John’s, it’s just loads of John’s people taking over the desks.”

Many John’s students have been inviting their other halves to revise with them in John’s six floor library, one of the only ways to stay social during the cripplingly boring exam term. The Floxx fitfinder feed shows John’s Library has become a popular spot for some late night nookie.

But the new measure will be a blow to those whose partners have been coming from outside college, as they’ll no longer be able to keep passions burning with a spot of late night shared revision.