John’s Library Too Popular

Students from other colleges are being turfed out of St John’s Library because it’s proving too popular.

Exclusive: Facebook Fitty App Faces Rival

A Cambridge undergrad has created a new site to rival Social Harpoon called Fitsort which also lets you rank how hot your Facebook friends are.

Fitfinder Back Bigger And Better With Dragon Dosh

Fitfinder returns better than ever as Floxx, with new map and app features making it easy to use anywhere.

Lost For Words

All you’ve got left is shit chat, but it’s not hard to get tongues wagging with a bit of crap and a pug. ELLIE PITHERS scrapes the barrel of conversation fodder.

Exclusive: FitFinder Offline After Founder Is Fined

Popular student website has been forced offline – The Tab can exclusively reveal that the withdrawal comes after disciplinary action aginst the site’s founder.

Tangled in the Web

The Tab’s poll results are in and it’s official: the Internet has become an addiction. RAYMOND LI investigates.

How To Pull In The UL

Where have all the fitties gone? DAVID DRAKE tracks them down.