David Drake

David Drake
Cambridge University


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Emmanuel May Ball

DAVID DRAKE gives Emma May Ball a 2:i – unimaginative, but it did the job.

Resurgent Emma Defy Favourites to Win Plate

Emmanuel see off CCK in style to win the plate against all the odds.

Tab Best Bloke: Winner Announced

The votes have been counted and The Tab can now announce who you awarded the title of Best Bloke to have come out of Cambridge.

Poll: How Old Is Too Old To Land A Fresher?

The question dominating discussion at every college hall this week is getting with freshers, and how old is too old to be in the game. DAVID DRAKE asks for your views.

10 Tips For Scoring A Fresher

Tired of the same old swap meat? DAVID DRAKE has some tips on how to score with the new intake.

Getting Over The Hangover

DAVID DRAKE tries some KGB pills.

How To Pull In The UL

Where have all the fitties gone? DAVID DRAKE tracks them down.

Caspa…The Friendly Ghost?

DAVID DRAKE explains why DubStep just leaves him dumbfounded.

Parents Get Lost

Parents cramping your style? DAVID DRAKE fights against the pampering parental unit piercing the bliss of the university bubble.

Touch My Books

Germaine Greer thinks the UL is now a “beacon of naffness”. DAVID DRAKE encourages her to embrace her inner child.