Exclusive: Facebook Fitty App Faces Rival

A Cambridge undergrad has created a new site to rival Social Harpoon called Fitsort which also lets you rank how hot your Facebook friends are.

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The Tab can exclusively reveal that a Cambridge undergraduate has set up a Facebook app to rival student site Social Harpoon.

A few weeks ago The Tab revealed that an anonymous undergraduate had created a site called Social Harpoon that let you rank your Facebook friends based on looks. But now, a student has created an almost identical site called Fitsort.

Like Social Harpoon, Fitsort synchronises with your Facebook and randomly selects two friends for you to choose which is hottest.

But unlike Social Harpoon, new site Fitsort then shows you the users scores, and allows you to immediately see the ranking of all your friends, giving you a league table of totty.

An example of the scores showed after every rating

Fitsort‘s founder, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Tab: “Myself and my friends were using Social Harpoon a lot, but we found we had a lot of complaints about it. A person’s rating is only really valid if they’ve been rated multiple times, but Social Harpoon doesn’t let you see this.

“I envisaged a system wherein all of the information was displayed openly – how many wins, how many losses – and instead of just showing a percentage chance of winning against other people, letting the user see their absolute score.”

Fitsort’s creator denied his site was simply a knock off, saying: “I’m not sure if [Social Harpoon‘s founder] views it as a rip-off of his work – this would make little sense, as both of us have taken more than just inspiration from Mark Zuckerberg’s FaceMash.”

Fitsort was launched on Tuesday and clocked up over 80,000 votes from around 1,000 users in its first day. Since then it has been steadily growing and has gained hits from other uni towns such as Oxford, Warwick and Bristol, as well as America and France.

Social Harpoon‘s creator is not impressed with the rival site. He told The Tab: “Their site seems quite buggy, I’m getting guys when I click rate girls, and sometimes nothing comes up at all. Social Harpoon doesn’t need a link on it’s website like their site explaining how to fix things when it breaks, as it doesn’t.”

He added: “For me, Social Harpoon isn’t particularly an entrepreneurial venture as such, I just like creating things. I like doing my own thing rather than jumping on bandwagons.”

Social Harpoon‘s creator has also recently launched a new site, Shagmarryemploy.com. The site does what it says on the tin, synching with your Facebook and letting you chose who you would shag, marry and employ out of three randomly selected friends.

Social Harpoon and ShagMarryEmploy’s creator said he would continue to create new sites and was planning: “a social learning tool, and a visual graph of your friends that takes into account looks, personality and interests.”

At least you’re giving the third one a job

Both creators agreed that the competition could have its benefits. Social Harpoon‘s founder said: “Competition is good, it promotes innovation“, and said he had new features planned for ShagMarryEmploy.

Fitsort‘s creator said he was also planning new features for his site, including social tools for sharing Fitsort and a mobile version of the site for use in lectures.

When asked if he had a message for Social Harpoon‘s creator, Fitsort’s founder said: “Best of luck! It’s something I’m excited about and that I think I can turn into something really great, and it’s unfortunate that people are going to have to choose one. It’ll be fun to see how this progresses.