Fitfinder Back Bigger And Better With Dragon Dosh

Fitfinder returns better than ever as Floxx, with new map and app features making it easy to use anywhere.

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Fitfinder, the social network site that stormed uni libraries last year, relaunched yesterday as Floxx with the help of ex-Dragons Den star: Doug Richard.

Originally launched last April, Fitfinder became hugely popular across 50 unis – including Tabs in the UL – as it allowed students to post online whenever they clocked a fittie in their library.

Rich Martell, the site’s creator, had to pull the site shortly after its launch when UCL fined him £300 and threatened his degree, accusing him of “bringing the university into disrepute.”

But, Fitfinder is now back, and it’s “bigger, better and totally refreshed”, after Richard approached Martell to run the site on a full time basis, and financially backed its rebirth. Fitfinder is now known as Floxx because of the large number of people who flocked to libraries through Fitfinder.

The site already has 259 likes on Facebook and 106 Twitter followers, and Martell is very confident about its future.

Speaking to The Tab, he said: “I’m really pleased with the way its going. We had 6,000 visitors in our first day and we’re getting some really good feedback.

“We’ve spread it away from unis, so I don’t think it will get the backlash it got last time, and it’s a lot easier to use outside of libraries.

“There are maps to track people anywhere and it’s based on apps, so you can now use it when you’re in Cindies!”

With recent posts including “Near Whitgift School, Female, Brunette Hair, ‘You drive a blue car. You look like you’re from Japan. I’d love to kamikaze my plane into your pearl harbour’”, Floxx already looks set to be a hit, and will inevitably get more popular as students return for term.