Oxford has beaten Cambridge to being the world’s best University

We’re not bitter or anything.

Cambridge – already the richest uni in Europe – to fill its coffers with an extra £2 BILLION in endowments

New fundraising campaign will allow Cambridge compete with rich American unis

Targeted by a ‘death squad’ : Cambridge climate scientist fears for his life

Of the four British “leaders” in Arctic research, three have recently died in quick succession

Cambridge involved in horrific experiments on kittens


Cambridge has been involved in a series of controversial university experiments on kittens, in an attempt to better understand the human body.

Was Cambridge Worth It?

With Lent around the corner, Fucked Up Fresher TONY HARCOURT evaluates your Michaelmas for you.

Caius Rent Is Too Damn High

There has been uproar from Caius students as they are hit by a 9.5% rise in rent reports HARRY SHUKMAN.

Cambridge Nightlife Slammed By Which?

It’s official: the Pope is Catholic, bears do it in the woods, and Cambridge nightlife is awful.

Life below the Living Wage

AMELIA HORGAN explains the importance of implementing the living wage across Cambridge.

Bomb Scare Mare: Universities in Bomb Hoaxes

Unis across the country have been hit by bomb scare hoaxes.

Political Protest Calls For More Than Just Silence

“While UCL embodied the spirit of the ’00s, Cambridge was – and apparently still is – stuck in the ’60s.” OSCAR WILLIAMS-GRUT on why we should start tweeting our protests into the 21st century.

Fitfinder Back Bigger And Better With Dragon Dosh

Fitfinder returns better than ever as Floxx, with new map and app features making it easy to use anywhere.