The Tab Do Doxbridge: Part 1

Two fearless Tab reporters have taken it upon themselves to experience the challenge that is Doxbridge. Sport, Lash and Craic. YOU tell them what to do to next.

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Doxbridge is an annual inter-collegiate tournament, where teams from Durham, Cambridge and Oxford compete and drink together in Dublin.

The Tab reporters take the time out of their busy schedules to try out and show you all the best bits.

Your intrepid reporters arrived in Dublin after a 12 hour coach trip. Highlights included a series of naps, a glass beer bong and a bizarre stop off in a Welsh town with the longest name in Europe, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

We wasted no time in reflecting upon our journey and instead cracked on with what we had come for: drinking. They may bill it as a sports trip, but as one hardy Oxfordian assured us: “I’m just here for one final piss up before my finals.”

Sampling the local produce

We pre-drank in our rooms for a while before heading down to the “Backpackers’ Bar”, on the ground floor of our hostel. At £2.50 a pint we were happy, but as soon as a Rugby lad from Durham took his trousers down and chased a girl around the garden, we decided to move on.

Our celebrations took us to a club called “The Good Bit”. Here the various University squads bounded about, dressed in their various tribal colours. Below is a section of some of the best:

The night was headlined by a band called The Pin. Impressed with the festivities they told The Tab: “We never had anything like this in my day. It’s great that they have a chance to let their hair down.”

The Tab meet The Pin

After enjoying their set, the drunken crowd gradually retreated to their hostels to prepare for today’s sports. However, some were more prepared than others.

As we write this, one Durhamite from Jon Snow is standing behind us in nothing but a jacket after a shower. His defence: “Who gives a shit!? We’ve all seen a nob!” Just to clarify, we’re in the foyer.

Tomorrow The Tab brings you the highlights of the day’s sport, along with more drinking.


Have you got a challenge to set Oscar and Henry? Write your ideas in the comment section below and they’ll have photo evidence for you in Part 2.