Money Survey: Part 2

You’ve met Mr and Miss Cambridge, now The Tab brings you Cambridge’s Rich Lists by College and subject…

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In Part 1, we showed you what Mr and Miss Cambridge do with their wallet from the 558 respondents of the Money Survey. You’ve seen the differences caused by gender, now in The Tab‘s very own Cambridge Rich List, we show you the enormous gulf in finances within the University…

Which is the richest College by household income?

“Girton does have a lot of rich students, but the nice thing is that you just wouldn’t know it. Unlike some other Colleges, there’s no pretentiousness.”

Harika Iridag, 2nd Year Economist, Girton

Which is the richest College by expected earnings?

Although Girtonians come from the wealthiest households, their expected income (£54.2k) ranks them only 9th amongst the Colleges. Meanwhile, Newnham students have the third lowest household incomes and expect to make less than everyone else at other colleges.

Students at Queens’, John’s, Christ’s, and Jesus reckon they’ll be taking home over twice as much as their all-girls counterparts by the age of 30.

“I think that this is skewed by the simple fact that there are no men here. The glass ceiling is still a reality and we also have different priorities and perceptions of what success is compared to other Colleges. Although Newnham alumni go on to have successful careers, this may not be reflected in a statistic like earnings. ”

Becky Kershaw, 3rd Year Chemical Engineer, Newnham

“We’re clearly the highest specimen of human beings and you’ve got to pay for the best.”

Sebby Blake, 2nd Year Natural Scientist, St. John’s


Which is the richest subject by expected earnings?

“It’s because we do a finance module in second year. It’s perfect preparation for investment banking interviews, which is where all the money is.”

Hany Serkis, 2nd Year Land Economist, St. John’s

Which is the richest subject by household income?

“People do music for the love of the subject. Those who choose to do it as a career appreciate that it won’t make them as much money as going into the City. However, this isn’t as important as doing what they love.”

Sebastian Sadr-Salek, 1st Year Musician, Clare

Your results have shown that generally arts students come from wealthier households than their science counterparts. While the arts make up the Top 5, Maths and Engineering languish at the bottom, with Chemical Engineering and Natural Sciences just outside the Bottom 5.