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Mystic Malcolm Part II: your horoscope by subject

MYSTIC MALCOLM brings you the next installment of your subject based predictions.

How to get the respect of History of Art students

GROAN HARDSLEY attempts to make History of Art students like him, with mixed results.

Loyd GROSS-man

Cantab Loyd Grossman is in hot water after his korma was found to contain deadly poison.

Cole Comes Clean On Cambridge

Lily Cole has revealed in an interview that she feels ‘liberated’ to have finished her degree – and came close to not making it.

How Do We Experience Art?

JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH steps, blinking, out of the art gallery, and ponders the art out there in the ‘real world’. Is the best we can do really George Osborn standing on the fourth plinth in a silly moustache?

Being An Intern At Christie’s

The world of an art history graduate can be impossibly vague. MOLLY DORKIN worked at Christie’s in New York for a year, and reveals all the behind-the-scenes drama.

Lily Cole Bags Double First

Everyone’s favourite celebrity Cantab Lily Cole has managed to score a stunning double first in History of Art.

Christ’s New Fresto

Christ’s will reveal two new pieces of art by Tom de Freston for their altar in a special service on Easter Sunday.

When Schubert Met Sodium

Cool chemist SIMON PAGE finds out how we can overcome the arts/science divide.

Money Survey: Part 2

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Tom Davenport’s Strictly Speaking

History of Art trip to British Museum ‘complete chaos’

Tab Interview: Tom de Freston

JENNIFER ELLIS meets Tom de Freston in St. Peter’s Chapel to preview his new exhibition and ask him about becoming an artist, silly garments, and being crude…