Tully Takes Top Spot At CUSU

Gerard Tully has been elected the next President of CUSU.

CUSU elections Gerard Tully manifesto president rahul mansigani

Gerard Tully has won the race to become the next President of CUSU.

3rd year Archeologist Tully fought off competition from Adam Booth and Sam Wakeford to take the top spot.

Tully gained 1,635 votes in the final round, beating his closest rival Booth by around 500 votes.

Turnout in this year’s CUSU elections was 4,211, almost 2,000 more votes than last year.

On hearing the news, Gerard told The Tab: “I’m absolutely ecstatic.

“A lot of people worked very hard for this and I’m thankful to them, but it hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Tully, who studies at Tit Hall, said he was determined to get CUSU more involved with student life. He said: “I stood on a platform of engagement and I believe in that. CUSU will involve itself with students and relate to students.”

Commenting on the impending rise in tuition fees and the threat to bursaries, Tully said: “Students will have to stand up again it seems and CUSU will be leading that charge.”

Outgoing President Rahul Mansigani said of the result: “All three candidates ran good campaigns. I’m very pleased with the good turn out, it indicates an increased level of engagement and I think Gerard Tully will make a great president.”

In other positions, Ruth Graham was elected Women’s Officer, Morgan Wild was elected Education Officer and Harriet Flowers beat Charlotte Lawes by just 278 votes to become CUSU Coordinator.

Despite controversial criticism from TCS‘s James Burton, Taz Rasul was also elected Access Officer. She fought off three other candidates in CUSU’s most contested category.

Asked how he would celebrate the result, Tully stayed true to his alternative manifesto, saying: “I think I might go to Cindies if I’m honest.”