rahul mansigani

Fight For Your Right To Protest

Ex-CUSU Pres Rahul Mansigani condemns the University’s decision to rusticate Owen Holland.

To The Res-CUSU

Plans to slash bursaries given to Cambridge students have been shelved thanks to CUSU’s campaign.

UPDATE: Protestors Lawn-ch Senate House Camp

Protesters have grown tired of their grassroots campaign and called off their lawn occupation after just two nights.

Tully Takes Top Spot At CUSU

Gerard Tully has been elected the next President of CUSU.

VC Rejects CUSU Graces

The Vice Chancellor has rejected CUSU’s petitions on bursaries claiming they are “in substance and effect incompatible” with proposed fees.

Update: CUSU’s Paper Chase For Bursaries

CUSU are urgently rushing to save Cambridge bursaries, facing a race against time to drum up academic support.

Fee Demo Gets Nasty

The peaceful protest in London against raising tuition fees descended into violence after the reforms were passed.

Released: Official Occupation Statement

The University’s statement on tuition fees is less clear than protesters had hoped.

Declan Clancy

In yet another DECLAN CLANCY exclusive, CUSU Headquarters are breached. His report on two weeks in the ‘ghetto’ reveals the astonishing lives of our hardworking representatives.

CUSU Facebook Gaffe As Ents War Resumes

EXCLUSIVE: CUSU attempt to censure Big Fish Facebook group as Ents war turns nasty again.