Juan’s World: Part 2

After a week of climbing over fences and starting revolutions, we catch up with JUAN ZOBER DE FRANCISCO for Part II of Juan’s World.

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Juan Zober De Francisco is one of Cambridge’s best known figures.  He’s run student campaigns, come within a whisker of leading the Union and organised more parties than you can shake a stick at. In a three-part special feature for The Tab, he gives us his honest thoughts on topics ranging from his view of Cambridge girls to why he isn’t a member of the Pitt Club. Welcome to Juan’s world.



**The Occupation**

What have you learned from your experience with the occupation?

The occupation was a lesson in both humility and patience. I didn’t agree with all of the demands of the occupation, and I got frustrated and discouraged at times – more often because of differences I had with members of the group rather than with anything the university or police were doing! But I meant what I said in my article on the protests and wider movement.

Why occupation?

The occupation was initially a symptom of students not feeling they have other ways to communicate their grievances that would have any impact. It also provided people with a space in which to discuss these issues, host lectures and workshops, as well as plan targeted campaigns.

What do you think about Cambridge Defend Education?

Angry – and, as far as I can judge, for the right reasons.

My differences with them are less important than the fact that they are trying.

But what about their methods?

Their fliers say: ‘Do Something’. The interpretation of that ‘something’ can sometimes be counter-productive, but I’ve seen students prepare cups of tea at 4am to smiling police officers. I saw a professor climb out of a wheelchair and walk step-by-step up to the SCR in solidarity with the occupiers. A senior University Constable said: “I’ve never seen such exemplary students”.

Where does all this leave us?

The university decided its position Monday. I hope they inject some much-needed clarity and reason into this messy yet important debate. I’m proud that my College hasn’t been afraid to step into the fray.

This issue will be voted in the wider national context Thursday. The government’s policies will not achieve their stated aims. Go to London.

** Women and Love **

What do you think of Cambridge girls? Are there enough hot ones?

Of course there are. Some are even beautiful.

What is the perfect Cambridge girl?

Absolutely impossible to describe.

Is Cambridge the place for love or lust?

Why not both?

Will you ever settle down?

Working on it.

** The Pitt Club **

You were asked to join, weren’t you?

I was, yes. They invited me to Secretary’s Drinks which I was happy to attend despite the publicity. With respect to the people who hate the institution, I tend to prefer finding out these sorts of things for myself and make up my own mind.

Why didn’t you?

Never got round to it.

** The Tab **

What do you think of The Tab?

Self-serving, irresponsible and sensationalist – but enjoyable nonetheless.

So why are you writing for The Tab?

If The Tab believes that my thoughts will be of interest to someone, I don’t mind sharing.

A message to your readers?

This is a self-serving, irresponsible, and sensationalist tribute to me and aspects my life, conjured up by a clever Tab editor.

Catch up on Part 1 here. Submit your questions below, Juan will answer the most interesting ones for next term’s Part 3.

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