YouTube Video Of The Week: Week Four

This week’s YouTube offerings are very much in-keeping with The Tab’s recent wildlife, and specifically dairy-oriented, preoccupations.

Cow King's Cow Monkey pig Toby Luckhurst youtube

Baby Monkey

After a long night of vigorous and incoherent shuffling in Cindies, a (very) early morning tea party is the perfect way to end a Bacchanalian stint. My drunkenness was slowly abating, I was drifting into that perfect and louche calm that follows three mugs of Tetley’s finest, when the host of this 3am shindig turns to me and excitedly enquires as to whether I have ever seen a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig. So basically the video very much does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig. And it’s rather sweet, really. In a neo-post-ironic sort of way.


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A certain Welshman told me about this video. I made some hackneyed joke about the Welsh being more interested in sheep than cows. Never again will I make national stereotypes ever again, for fear that I will again be shown a video as trippy and disturbing as this. I hope that you don’t have a nightmare about cows lining up on the college lawn and staring menacingly and eerily through your window as I did. The Tab seems to be running a sort of cow theme at the moment; this video is in-keeping with the site’s new dairy-oriented slant.