Alternative May Week Guide

If you forgot to buy ball tickets or you’re floundering in apathy, LOTTIE UNWIN has some solutions.

A Little Night Music Canary Cindies Corpus Playrooms Country Wife Drama Queen EllaFunks Fez Footlights Jelly Baby Junction Life Love's Labour's Lost Measure for Measure Pembroke Queens' Selwyn Suicide Sunday The ADC The Cambridge Arts Theatre The Master Builder The Union trinity hall vodka revs

If you haven't shelled out for tickets to the big balls this week all is not lost.  In fact, with an untouched overdraft facility you might have the upper hand.  Here is The Tab's Alternative Guide to May Week.  For Garden Parties have a scout around here.  

All week, the Footlights Tour Show, Good For You continues at 7.45 at the ADC with a 2.30 matinee on Saturday.  


Jesterlarf Comedy Club is at 8.30 in Junction 2. £12.  Over the last few months The Tab have been regulars.  


Buy tickets in advance only for Warning, a huge Jungle, Drum and Bass and Dubstep night at the Junction.  Doors open at 10 and close at 6 am, so at £14 each that might be a whole lot better value for money than the balls. 

SUNDAY 13th is Suicide Sunday, so join the Wyverns aftermath in Life or in Fez. 


The opening performance of Love's Labour's Lost at 2pm in Selwyn College Gardens. £4-5. 

"Having solemnly devoted themselves to study for three years (sound familiar?), the King of Navarre and his attendant lords soon find that scholarly discipline and self-denial don't quite match up to the temptations of wine, women and song – especially in the form of the Princess of France and her ladies."  That's the spirit of May Week eh?

These Thing's Happen at 2.30pm in Vodka Revolutions. 

Composed by Cambridge student Jonathan Pease, These Thing's Happen offers the opportunity to "Eavesdrop on eight of Cambridge's finest singers as they complain about" a million and one things "and even detail the incompetent ramblings of a quintessentially British relationships counsellor – all accompanied by the strains of a top-notch twenty-three piece variety orchestra and the distant commentary of the bar’s resident jazz crooner.?"


Of course there is The Night Formally Known as Jelly Baby (what a mouth full) at Cindies.  Love's Labour's Lost and The Country Wife continue.  

A Little Night Music at 2.30pm in Emmanuel Gardens. £6-8.  Buy tickets here

"This year’s May Week Musical… takes place in a weekend country house in turn-of-the-century Sweden, where surprising liaisons, long-simmering passions and a taste of love’s endless possibilities are all brought to light. Featuring… a fantastically funny libretto, this is a musical opportunity not to be missed!"

I Heart Louie Sandys opens in the Corpus Playrooms at 7.00.  It's on until Saturday for £5-6. Tickets can be bought at the Cambridge Arts Theatre Box Office.  

"I Heart Louie Sandys follows one hapless man, the unfortunately balding and terribly bland John Harris, as he spirals into insanity. John's always been a bit of a loser, but now, due to a bizarre twist of fate, he 'snares' the girl of his dreams… so now what on earth does he do?"

Canary hits the Cambridge Arts Theatre at 7.45 every night till Saturday. £10-27. 

The English Touring Theatre present this new play by Jonathon Harvey in which "In 1960’s Liverpool, Tom and Billy hide in the closet, then go their separate ways. While the pits close and the dole queues grow, Mickey and Russell escape to find Heaven in 1980’s London."

Dr. Phil at Junction 2 starts at 8.30 and tickets are £11-13. 

Promoting his Rude Health Show, the Junction proposes, "If you only see one doctor this year, make it Dr Phil."  I would argue it depends on your symptoms who best to go to.  


Measure for Measure opens.  4pm in Queens' Cloister Court.  £5-6 here

"‘Measure for Measure’ is an intriguing tale of power and corruption, lies and deception with the essential comedic elements of dressing up in disguise and a rather simple police constable. Not to be missed" or so they say.  After a term of Shakespeare I can think of things I would rather do.  

The Master Builder from 7.30 to 8.50 at Junction 2 is £14.

"Presented with a unique focus on the breaking of innocence and the manipulation of power, this modern staging – set in twenty-first century England (where in 2008 there were more than 20,000 recorded sex offenses against children)".  Perhaps expensive for such a depressing treat.  


There is a 2.30pm matinee of Canary or for a strong dose of something academic, The Reverend Honourable John Bercow, Speaker of The House of Commons is going to be at The Union.  His talk starts at 7.30pm and promises to last an hour. 

The EllaFunks and The Yapps at Soul Tree is £5.

A group from King's who are now pretty well-established after a solid performance at Churchill Spring Ball, The EllaFunks promise to get your feet tapping and your head thumping as they pump out their punchy line-up of a brass ensemble, keyboard and a particularly ravishing singer.


Trial By Jury is a one off at 1pm in the Cambridge Union Chambers. 

"An uproarious satire of the 19th British Legal System" leaves a lot to be desired, but I am quite excited by the prospect of theatre in such a venue. 

Thoroughly Modern Millie at 4.30pm in Trinity Hall.

Tickets are only £6 and available from Nikki Johnson (naj26) – a fun and flippant way to end May Week.

Empirical is an evening of jazz in Junction 2.  Doors open at 8 and though tickets are £16 there is a bargain £8 student standby. 


There is another performance of Thoroughly Modern Millie at 4.30pm