Corpus Playrooms

REVIEW: Improvengers Assemble

Peter Curry and Luke Dell think this show provides an intriguing window into the baffling minds of the Cambridge Impronauts.

REVIEW: Way To Heaven

LOUIS SHANKAR is impressed by the performances in this troubling but moving play.

Review: The Quick And The Damned

A creative and compelling new piece of writing, finds LOUIS SHANKAR.

The Lady Smoker: An impressive and exciting night

A brilliant showcase of varied, unusual humour

Review: The Bald Prima Donna

MARK DANCINGER pense que La Cantatrice Chauve est très bien (He thinks the play is good).

Babylon Disco

LOUIS SHANKAR finds that this two-man show manages to perfectly balance the absurd with the conventional.

A Chat with Pelican

The cast of Pelican, a new sketch show opening at the Corpus Playroom next week, talk to us about comedy, football, and birds

Mercury Fur

LOUIS SHANKAR is captivated by this shocking tale


Some experiences don’t improve with age. ABI BENNETT experiences a disappointing sense of déjà vu.

Get Productive

MADDIE DUNNIGAN answers the question, “what does a producer actually do?” The answer: naked body painting.

Corpus Smoker

JUAN ZOBER DE FRANCISCO and ALICE CARR wonder who will take over Pierre Novellie’s crown when the king steps down at the Corpus Smoker this week.

Corpus Smoker

KIKI BETTS-DEAN desperately searches for synonyms of “average”


A play that can’t make up its mind receives a definitive decision from TABATHA LEGGETT

The Good Soul Of Szechwan

PHOEBE LUCKHURST overcomes her ADHD to appreciate a big, stylish dollop of Brecht.

The One Woman Plays

TABATHA LEGGETT investigates all-female monologues which show promise but hit a glass ceiling.

Dead Air

LISE MCNALLY tries to dress up the corpse of a lifeless black comedy.


According to MATILDA WNEK, this play comes closer to five stars than anything else she’s seen in Cambridge.

Tab Interview: Ellie Kendrick

Actress and Jesus College student Ellie Kendrick talks to HOLLY STEVENSON about her career so far, her Cambridge projects, and the dissertation that she really should have written by now…

Review: I Heart Louie Sandys

ANGELA LIU: ‘Do see it if you LOL at seeing someone’s trousers fall down. Expect echoes of The Inbetweeners, Date Movie, and The Human Centipede.’

Alternative May Week Guide

If you forgot to buy ball tickets or you’re floundering in apathy, LOTTIE UNWIN has some solutions.