Honorary Degree for Road Sweeper

A Cambridge road sweeper is to be awarded an honorary degree from the University.

Allan Brigham will get an honorary MA for his work for the community. The 52 year old has started cleaning the streets at 6am every day for 30 YEARS.

And on Monday a Cambridge University spokesman said "I can confirm that Mr Brigham will be getting an honorary MA on July 18.

 Allan Brigham has swept the streets for 30 years

"Mr Brigham is well known by everyone in Cambridge for his transparent love and enthusiasm for the city, its history, its buildings and the people."

Brigham had intended to become a teacher when he moved to Cambridge but ended up sweeping the streets.

In his spare time he began to show tourists around the city. He is now an official Blue Badge Guide.

"It was a lovely surprise when I heard the news and totally unexpected," he said.

"I have spent years sweeping outside the Senate House watching other people go in to get their degrees and I never dreamed that one day that would be me.

"I looked down the list of all the influential people receiving degrees this year and they were all people everyone has heard of, then there was me.

"It’s a really great honour and I can still hardly believe it."

The University bestows around 9 honorary degrees a year, and anyone can nominate people. Other recipients this year include Microsoft CEO Bill Gates.