As well as growing ‘taches, Oxford Brookes students are getting mullets for Movember

We spoke to Brookes’ Movember Ambassador to find out what’s happening this month

We are now into the swing of November and it’s the time of year again when you start seeing boys walking around with hair on their faces that they never had before. That’s right, it’s Movember time! We spoke to William Baird, the Movember Ambassador for Oxford Brookes, about what Brookes students are doing this year to raise money for Movember.

Tell us more about Oxford Brookes Movember! How is it being run?

Oxford Brookes Movember really pulls together the uni’s sports teams and societies; really relying on the competitive, but friendly nature of its students. Brookes has always made a strong commitment to Movember, reaching big targets and raising thousands. Last year the university as a whole raised over £14,000, out – doing local uni rival, University of Reading, but also other bigger universities like Bath.  In previous years, Oxford Brookes Movember was solely driven by Brookes Union & RAG group. But this year, Movember UK chose me to be part of their student ambassador network, representing Oxford Brookes. My role has been to lead the charge, organise events, drum-up excitement, spread awareness and be a good role model for the charity. This year, I have been the bridge between Movember UK, the university and its sports teams & societies in organising ways of raising money.

What is the mullet element of this year’s Movember?

So as the ambassador, my biggest aim was to add a bit of spice to how Brookes will fundraise this year. Of course, growing the ‘tache is fun and all, but it wasn’t unique enough for Brookes and its students. We needed something more current and relatable – with the help of a partner, we landed on the Mo’s & Mullets initiative, playing on the rebirth of the modern mullet amongst the lads at Brookes and nationwide. A really fun added bonus to capture more interest and keeping it “Brookes Style”.

Which sports teams are raising money for Movember this year?

Currently we have 14 teams linked up to Brookes Movember “Challenge Page”. Netball have also signed up their club- it’s great to see an all-women’s club step up, show support and raise money for men’s health awareness.

What is Oxford Brookes’ Movember target?

This year’s target was £15,000 – which will has been confidently achieved and blown out of the water. £15,000 has already been raised only eight days into the month!

Are there any sponsors for Oxford Brookes Movember?

There have been many sponsors/partners this year. The Stash Company have been the lead in designing and providing the amazing Mo’s & Mullets (teddy bear) t-shirts. Student sporting events company INVADES have provided an enormous “biggest fundraiser prize” season ticket for 2021 events. Booby Buckets are providing bucket prizes for other big fundraisers. Of course Ox Events have again signed up to be a huge supporter for this month. Sweet But Chops – Guinness Tache on Instagram have been spreading the word and they have their own team to fundraise and have already gathered over £500. 

Is Brookes competing with other UK unis? Where are they on the tables?

Brookes have putting up a big fight this year to compete with other big universities. Last year we were 20th in the country but we are hoping to be in the top 15  and join the big players. Currently we sit 16th, though we have a few plans up our sleeves-  big push donations are yet to be made!

How can people support the cause?

Over £150 was raised on “Mullet Monday” where a local barber came to give people free mullet hair cuts.

To support the cause and drive Brookes to the top, simply sign up, join a sport then and add yourself to the Oxford Brookes challenge page! You can sign up here and follow the Oxford Brookes challenge page here

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