There have been over 30 positive cases of coronavirus at Brookes in the last week

150 penalties have been issued for peole breaking Covid-19 rules

At this time of year, its not uncommon to find students hiding in their beds, sick with freshers’ flu, usually a direct response to drinking for a week and a half with people all across the country. But this year, its Covid that are forcing students into quarantine, and Brookes is no exception.

In an email sent out this morning, the university said “As of 9am this morning (23 September), there had been a total of 30 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 amongst Oxford Brookes students over the last seven days.”. The cause of the outbreak? Social gatherings that are do not meet with the government’s official health advice. “The majority of these cases have been traced back to social gatherings” the email said.

The email continued on to say that the uni have issued around 150 fixed penalties across student accomodation since move in day for Covid rule breakers, and are not afraid to continue. It also reminded that “From 28 September…Fines for breaching self-isolation will start at £1000”. This comes after Boris’ announcement on Tuesday introducing stricter lockdown rules such as £200 fines for not wearing a facemask and pubs having to close at 10pm.

The email went on to remind Brookes students “You should inform the University immediately if you recieved a positive test, or if you need to self-isolate- this will allow us to contact you and check whether you have any support needs that we can help with.”  If you believe you have contracted coronavirus, or have been in close contact with someone who has, then you are urged to go and seek testing at the walk in test centre situated at Headington Campus. Additionally, if you have tested positive for Covid 19, you must self-isolate for 14 days, which will be made mandatory by law by the end of the week.





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