11 things Brookes students can do to cope with quarantine boredom

The boredom has already hit

It’s only been a few days since Boris announced lockdown for three weeks and let’s face it: we’re all bored shitless. So, just for you, here are some ways you can combat the boredom and make the best out of a bad situation.

Become TikTok famous

We all know we took the piss out of TikTok and our younger siblings following along the dances but with the amount of fame and money TikTok stars are getting, this app is no longer a joke. Why not force a family member into learning the dances with you and who knows, maybe you won’t have to actually go and get a job once this is all over.

Watch a new Netflix series with your friends

You’ve probably already heard about it by now but there is now a Chrome extension called Netflix Party that allows you and your friends to all watch the same thing on Netflix at the same time. It’ll be just like watching a movie at the house at uni… just miles away.

Put your one form of exercise a day to good use

Honestly, at this point, there’s nothing stopping you from getting that summer body you said you were going to get other than gyms being closed. Utilise the one form of exercise Boris has granted you and start going for a run or walking the dog for a change; some time in nature might make you feel better and help your mum out.

Start a new book

Yes you could actually use the reading weeks Brookes gave you. All jokes aside, now’s the time to download some 99p books on the Kindle app and broaden your horizons. There’s plenty of genres and one’s bound to take your interest; after all, there’s only so many times you can scroll through Instagram.

Clear out your wardrobe

Self-isolation means one thing: online shopping. The only problem is, you and I both know you already have to shove everything in and quickly close the wardrobe door before it all falls out. So, do yourself a favour and go through it. Never worn it? Put it on Depop at a discounted price and make some money. Worn it a few times but it’s still in good shape? Put it in a bin bag and take it to a charity shop like Oxfam once this is all over.

Start meditation or yoga

Checking BBC News for coronavirus updates every day is enough to make anyone anxious, so close the app and download a meditation or yoga app or look up some examples on YouTube. There are plenty of experts that will guide you through examples and it’s proven to reduce anxiety. Yes, you might feel like a bit of a weirdo trying to stay calm whilst holding your body in downwards dog but the beauty of lockdown means you can quite literally lock yourself in your room and meditate to your heart’s content.

Learn to cook

You probably should’ve done this in the summer before first year but it’s never too late to turn your diet of pot noodles and pesto pasta into something that mildly resembles a healthy meal. Get out the cooking books your mum bought you and have a rummage in your stockpile and see if you can create something edible.

Learn a new language

We were all happy to be done with languages at GCSE but now is a great time to take up a new language. There are plenty of apps to help you learn – Duolingo is a popular one – and it’ll make sure you can pull foreign people when you finally get to go on holiday again.

Get a job

Yes, the majority of places aren’t hiring at the moment but supermarkets are desperate for your help stocking shelves. If you don’t mind separating fights for loo roll and explaining to customers that “yes we are sold out of pasta today”, then sort out your CV and apply online to supermarkets near you. They normally pay well and you might be able to get a transfer to one in Oxford next semester to continue to fund your Fishies habit.

Help out your grandparents and your neighbours

There are plenty of vulnerable people that are unable to go out and get shopping and there’s bound to be one living near you. Why not ask your elderly neighbours or grandparents if they need you to do a shop for them and battle the supermarkets? They’ll be grateful for your help and it’ll give you something to do.

Unsubscribe from all of those junk emails

We are all subscribed to emails which quite frankly we never read and just clogs up our inbox. Have you had the time to unsubscribe to the daily emails from McDonalds that you signed up to just to connect to the free WiFi? Didn’t think so. But nows your chance.

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