Brookes student creates ‘Brookes monopoly’ to deal with self-isolation boredom

This guy deserves to win ALL the free parking money

So it’s been a week now since Oxford Brookes decided to stop all face-to-face lectures and Boris stopped everyone going to the pubs and clubs on Friday so naturally all students are experiencing some self-isolation boredom. Whilst some of you are trying to overcome the dissertation doom or binging Netflix shows, James Bazeley decided to create a game of his own.

Speaking to the Brookes Tab, Bazeley said that whilst he’s “not self-isolating due to the coronavirus”, he is social distancing to prevent the spreading of it and he couldn’t “be bothered to get on with the diss”. Bazeley shared pictures of his own version of monopoly onto the Overheard at Brookes University Facebook page that any Brookes student can relate to.

Instead of the classic London locations, the squares now represent places students typically go out in Oxford, such as Atik or City Arms. There are also Turnitin cards in the place of chance cards and the “plan is to use The Ox Events tickets as money.”

Bazeley has had such a good reaction from Brookes students on the Overheard at Brookes University page that he’s said that he has “emailed Hasbro to put it into production, so would be a good laugh and to actually make proper boards out of it.”

So, watch this space because you could be playing the Brookes version of Monopoly if we manage to go back to Brookes next semester.

Photo credit: James Bazeley

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