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A big fat tree has collapsed in Cheney halls

British winter claims another victim

If you were trying to sleep anywhere near J block of Cheney last night, chances are you were woken up at around 3am this morning when a tree, that had been there longer than Brookes itself, gave way and collapsed. It’s suspected that bad weather is to blame for the tree’s eventual uprooting.

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Although nobody was hurt when the tree went down, it did take out a bike shed and it caused some structural damage to the nearby building. Brookes Union urges students who have concerns about property damage to come forward.

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R.I.P if your bike was in there.

Brookes Union have released a statement: “Since contact by concerned residents this morning the Union have been in contact with several areas of the university to work to make sure safe access to and from the building could be restored quickly.

“We will also be contacting the operator to discuss damaged property in the bike sheds and would encourage students to come forward if they are concerned their bike has been damaged.”

In the mean time, just try not to fall in the big hole.