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JHB Building to shut down during the first week of April

How will we cope?

The Brookes Tab have been informed that the John Henry Brookes building is planning to be out of use or service to students and staff during the first week of April due to emergency maintenance.

During this time, lecturers will be sending emails out to their classes about room changes, many being forced into Fuller, Tonge and Clerici (if you're lucky) for the meantime.

One third year, Oliver Klozoff, told The Brookes Tab: "I overhead my friend, who works for Brookes Union, saying about how JHB has some serious plumbing issues that need to be dealt with. But to shut down the entire building is so annoying, I need the library that week."

A spokesperson for the University, Mike Rotch, told The Brookes Tab: "Obviously this is not an ideal time for the JHB to close, but we want students to know we are doing everything we can to speed through maintenance work so that we can."

Asked whether the closure would jeopardise his exam performance, Business and Management fresher, Hugh Jass, told The Brookes Tab: "I don't give a shit, to be honest. Brookes not books – you get me?"

With deadlines looming closer and closer, many students are expected to complain about the emergency maintenance. Second year Events Management student, Amanda Hugginkiss, said: "This is unacceptable. I pay nine grand for university and now I've been shut out of my building. How am I supposed to get a 2:2 in my napkin folding module now?

"Brookes will be hearing from my father. He's a lawyer."

Many lecturers are, for the meantime, trying not to agitate students and waiting until further details are issued on the maintenance situation. It looks likely that it will take only a week, but due to the vast size of JHB it might be that it's longer, depending on how scheduling pans out.

If you're panicking and want to make your voice heard, check the date, you goon.