Harcout Hill dress up as favourite TV characters and raise £1500

Putting the fun into fundraising

Students and lecturers dressed up as their favourite children’s TV characters at Harcourt Hill on Thursday and raised £1516 for new TVs at Sobell House.

Mike Dennis, senior lecturer in Primary Science at Oxford Brookes University, organised the event after his wife, Rachel Kay, 50, died from breast cancer in 2014.

Dressed as Dennis the Menace, the 54-year-old said: “I wanted to do something that would be fun and Rachel would have wanted that.”

Sobell House is a charity that looks after cancer sufferers and their families.

Mike Dennis, Senior Lecturer in Primary Science


Dennis the Menace

Emily Barke, Sarah Higginson, Benni Clegg, and Emma Brooke, Primary Education, Third year


A well rehearsed formation. Where’s Daphne?

Claire Jobbins, Primary Education, Third year


Here she is.

“It’s not the most flattering but I would wear the outfit and the wig out more often.”

Dan Smith and Dani Hickling, Primary Education, Third year


T.J from Recess and Little Red Riding Hood

Pauline Tyson, Senior Lecturer in Primary Maths



“This is a great opportunity to dress up and support a worthy cause.”

Duncan Cambell-Cave, PGCE, Postgraduate


Fred Flintstone

“I have always wanted to dress as Fred!”

Saskia Trewavas and Jessie Kaur, PGCE, Postgraduate


Tigger and we found Wally

“Who doesn’t want to wear a onesie all day.”

Mike Dennis’ class


What an array of colours.

Mr Dennis added: “Overall it has been a really positive day and a lot of fun. Both staff and students have really entered into the spirit of this and I’m so grateful for their support for this wothwhile cause.”

To find out more and to donate visit: justgiving.com/the-sobellevision-project.