Meet the team: Oxford Brookes Panthers

American football president dishes the dirt on his players.

With Superbowl week sweeping us all uncontrollably off our feet, we decided to kick off our new Sports Feature with Brookes’ American Football squad.

Club President Julian Wakeford took the time to give us some details on the boys in pads and lycra.

Who’s the angriest member in the squad?

Adam Warwick: After various ‘supplements’ have kicked in Adam is known to get a little aggressive on the pitch! “Come on you bunch’a …..”

Who’s the most injured player?

Paul Hadley: Having had a great first half of a match Paul decides to injure himself and put himself out for weeks. For the second time in two seasons.

Who’s the biggest freak?

Chris Watson: Not deserving of the title ‘freak.’ The award goes to Chris purely for wearing a suit to Fuzzy Ducks.

Who’s the biggest drinker?

James Ferrigno: The Social Secretary and resident Fuzzy Duck often drinking right through the day, even in his final year.

Who’s the most successful with the opposite sex?

Stuart Thorp: Having only one unsuccessful night in refreshers week meant this title could go to the one and only Chief Chopper.

Who’s got the most flair on the field?

Jack Carroll: Not many males can pull off this much pink however Jack does it with style. Huge amounts of flair make Jack the only consideration for this award.

Who wouldn’t you expect to be as good as they are?

Will Grant: One of the smallest on the pitch yet his legs can still move damn quick!

Who’s Only in it for the Parties?

Harry Hopkins: On the few training sessions he does attend it is usually with a cigar in hand.

Who’s the best player on the team?


Ryan Kingshott: ‘Dad’ of the team as well as Defence Captain with big hits in every match.


Bradley Maybury: More swag than you will ever see on a Uni player and if anyone can pull it off it’s Brad. Green bands, gloves and customized boots make this one stand out. GB player for 3 years in a row has to have this award.

The Team is hosting Superbowl Party at Wahoo this Sunday from 10pm. Tickets are available from Players or from the Wahoo Bar.

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