A round up of all the mad, bad and crazy stuff that happened at Bristol Uni in 2022

Ruby boys got naked, medics were exposed for vandalism and Sex Education tried to recruit students


2022 has come to an end and it’s time to look back at what a deliciously thrilling year it has been. The Bristol Tab exposed injustices and sought out every scandal on campus.

Students barricaded themselves inside the Wills Memorial Building, the medics got up to some naughty antics, Bristol’s first ever female Vice Chancellor was appointed and lots more madness occurred.

This article is full to bursting with the most exciting stories of the year so if you are a new reader or just love a bit of gossip, sit back, relax and enjoy.



A student’s ceiling collapsed in Churchill Hall of residence where students pay as much as £11,554 each year.

The student was unharmed but rather alarmed when a large section of their ceiling joined them in bed.

12 Bristol University students barricaded themselves in the Wills Memorial Building for 10 days in solidarity with staff striking. 

Students reportedly enjoyed games of frisbee and endless takeaways while taking a stand. It sounded like quite the holiday apart from the lack of toilets and showers at the beginning of their stay.

Love Island star, Hugo Hammond, was spotted two weeks in a row at Gravity sports night and was reportedly getting with someone.

Hugo was spotted looking for love after leaving the villa and where else would anyone go except Gravity?


Bristol appointed its first female Vice Chancellor, Florence and the Machine’s Mum, Evelyn Welch. 

Evelyn told The Tab she intends to listen and learn from students and create a fresh start for the university.

The medics made a mistake and were caught vandalising and reportedly taking drugs inside the Medic Ball. 

Naughty naughty.

Remains of cocaine were allegedly found in the bathrooms, the hand dryers had been ripped off the walls and the glass soap dispensers smashed. A Bristol University spokesperson described the behaviour as “unacceptable” and “incredibly disappointing”.


“The ASS was full of shit”: Students had to evacuate the ASS as it was flooded with unidentified liquid. A spokesperson for the uni told The Tab it was due to a “blocked drain”.

I would be quite happy to be given a legitimate excuse to stop studying.


Bristol Uni announced they are to offer a module in cider making to students studying biological sciences.

I think this module should be opened up to everyone at Bristol Uni.


Bristol University comes 68th out of the 80 UK unis in the mental health league table. 

A casting agency made a plea for Bristol students to audition for the Netflix hit series Sex Education.

Everyone was queuing around the block for the chance to be paid to say something cringe on tv.


The Bristol Tab interviewed a UWE student whose first year accommodation is in Wales, an hour commute from their university. 

127 students were assigned accommodation in Newport because UWE doesn’t have enough accommodation to house all its students in Bristol.

A spokesperson for UWE said the university has received “positive feedback from students living there” and is situated in a “vibrant student area” at “a significantly cheaper rate”.


UBRFC boys stripped down and huddled up to create a scandalous naked calendar for charity.

“…We get naked quite a lot anyway, so I thought why not do that and make money for charity at the same time?”

The university introduced £1 meals and free period products around campus to support students through the cost of living crisis. 

Have you tried the £1 soup and a roll combination yet?

The White Bear opened up after a total revamp and started offering £2.90 pints. 

The vibes and prices in there are immaculate and you have to fight through the crowds of students any night of the week.

University lectures went on strike for three days in protest of low wages and pension cuts. 

Staff were out in the pouring rain in their bright pink attire.


House hunting season began and students were left queuing for hours in the cold in their attempts to book viewings as the SU “dropped” its houses for next year.

The SU is releasing more properties on Wednesday 25th January. You can register for updates here.

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