Love Island’s Hugo Hammond loves a night out in Grav as he’s spotted at sports night two weeks in a row

An eyewitness claims Hugo was getting with a girl in the smoking area

You may have heard the rumours that 25-year-old Love Island star Hugo Hammond has been spotted around Bristol.

The Bristol Tab can confirm that he has been sighted in Gravity on Wednesday for the past two weeks in a row.

We sat down with Hugo at The Brass Pig to find out more about what he’s up to in Bristol.

Hugo Hammond was instantly recognisable at The Brass Pig, dressed in Gucci and appearing taller than on screen.

Once approached he was friendly and claimed that it is his “favourite bar” in Bristol. He didn’t shy away from having a chat and when I invited him into conversation he revealed that he “moved to Bristol two weeks ago”. 

Hugo is acquainted with Harry Hood, the man who runs Fishies events at Gravity, from his time at Oxford Brookes. Hugo evidently favours the student club and has attended the last two Wednesdays. He has also been spotted in the nearby Wetherspoons, The Berkeley, and The Brass Pig. 

Once I mentioned my association with The Bristol Tab his tone turned sour and Hugo expressed displeasure towards the previous comments that The Tab has made about him.

He even went as far to say: “I hate The Tab”. This is possibly due to when we reported he was kicked out of a kebab shop at 4am over a row about chips or our coverage of Hugo’s TikTok rapping.

The reality tv celebrity did not mind when I requested to take a photo although he promptly left when the crowds of ski social members began arriving at The Brass Pig and swarming around his table.

Hugo’s night didn’t end there however, and he headed across the road and into Gravity.

The two men he was with had seemed irritated at The Brass Pig at the amount of attention that Hugo was receiving and when a plucky social policy student approached them by the glowing angel wings in Gravity they became aggressive and grabbed his arm. 

Later that night, an eyewitness claims Hugo was “getting with a girl out in the in the smoking area”.

Last week the Bristol Uni confessions page @overheardatu0b tagged Hugo in a post which said: “I swear I was about to get with Hugo Hammond, he gave me some of his VK!”

The lucky individual remains anonymous and Hugo promptly replied: “Come on, we all know I can’t pull 😂 hope you enjoyed the VK thou [sic].” 

So make sure to spend sports night in Gravity for your chance to share a blue VK with everyone’s favourite PE teacher.

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