Is this a UWE art degree? No, it’s Bristol Uni students’ most questionable tattoos

Here are some tattoos you’d never want your grandparents to see


It used to only be pirates and criminals that had tattoos but now you’re the odd one out if your skin is still naked. Your twenties are perfect for making mistakes and professionally done tattoos are very expensive. Let this list inspire you to grab an unsterilised needle and go to town. 

For a group of extremely intelligent and level headed students, you have made some very questionable decisions when it comes to permanently inking your bodies.

Self expression is an incredible thing and tattoos are an excellent way to achieve it, therefore there is no such thing as a “bad” tattoo. With that in mind, here are some of the most poorly done, funniest, original tattoos we’ve seen on Bristol students.

Take the L

Ever been bored during an exam? This person’s solution was to take some biro ink to their own hand. At first glance it doesn’t seem too weird. It is a simple “L” to help you remember which way is left, that is until you indulge in a closer look and realise it is on their right hand. 

Shit tattoo you have

Someone should have used the force to stop this from ever happening. Yoda’s face was permanently stabbed into this leg by someone who was heavily under the influence of some psychedelics. 

Pucker up 

She is beauty, she is grace. It screams elegant, seductive and scandalous.

I’ve turned myself into a tattoo of pickle Rick, Morty! I’m tattoo pickle Rick!

No, it’s not fake. Maybe Adult Swim will hire the artist for the next season of Rick and Morty

Ode To Ed 

These boys just adore an ass tattoo. You must really love your friend Ed to let him scribble his name and a spliff on your skin.

Just Don’t Do It 

Your collection of TN’s seems pretty weak in comparison to this dedicated fan’s beautifully done, eternal celebration of them.

Happy 18th 

Don’t want to be like all the other girls who take that picture with their birthday balloons? Get them tattooed on you instead. 18 is a very special age where you are finally an adult, deemed sensible enough to get a tattoo legally, might as well still stick and poke it though.

Badock Boys Bum Club

These two stick and poke are beauties. One stands for “Badock Boys Bum Club” and the other is a cheeky dedication to the devil’s number. 


Badock’s broken furniture, dark rooms, and constant smell of the canteen must have really spoken to this person. So much so that they got a “K” done in honour of the accommodation’s famous nickname, Kdock. It also doubles up as a great way to show that you have an addiction to horse medicine, very Bristol of you.  

Stick and Poke Man 

No paper to doodle on? Your friends arm is always an option.

If you think you have got an even better one or seen one, send them in to our Instagram 

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