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Hugo Hammond, aka Mr H, uploaded a rap onto TikTok and he’s getting rinsed for it

‘The summer of love turned into the summer of pain’

Since leaving the villa, Hugo Hammond’s name has been constantly popping up all over TikTok and making it in national headlines. Recently he was kicked out of a kebab shop at 4am after having a row over some chips. And just before that he did a very iconic branded Instagram post including a dog and some dog food. But now Hugo Hammond has well and truly divided TikTok because he’s written his own rap referring to himself as Mr H and his stint on Love Island as “the summer of pain” – obviously it’s gone viral and obviously people are rinsing him.

So let’s take a dive into the brain of a lyrical genius (Mr H) and unpack some of these lyrics and of course route through the jokes comments he’s received:

Hugo Hammond’s TikTok rap about Love Island has reached on million views

@hugo_hammond #duet with @sadiejean Still in my head 🧠 Something different 🤷🏼‍♂️ #2022 #2021 #reflect #Music #verse ♬ WYD Now Open Verse Challenge – Sadie Jean

I mean, it was clearly destined to go viral. All you need to do is listen to it in full and you’ll understand why. In the rap, he is reflecting on his 2021 experience, from being in the classroom to signing up on Love Island and having a heartbreaking experience during it. Despite his best efforts and him literally putting his heart and soul into this wrap, people are saying it has given them the ick.

In the TikTok video, Hugo Hammond rapped: “2022, looking back on 21, started teaching, lots of learning, it was kind of fun. Then she left me, I was feeling all alone so I signed up to that villa application on my phone. Hit the gym, something came, Mr H flew out to Spain.”

He continued: “But then the summer of love turned into the summer of pain. Got the job done, flew back single, I was the same. But when I meet girls, do they want me or just the name?”

Hugo has turned his comments off but people are posting on other videos

One person said: “When you learn poetry in year seven” and another commented saying how “awkward” his rap is. And despite having over one million views, the video has only reached 75,000 likes.

After going viral with his rap and getting backlash, Hugo uploaded another video which people have left more positive comments on (though nothing nice has been said about his rapping). One person said: “I always loved you Hugo” and another person commented saying he has a “beautiful soul”.

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