Love Island’s Hugo Hammond ‘kicked out of kebab shop’ at 4am after a row over chips

Hugo are you okay x

Love Island 2021’s Hugo Hammond was reportedly kicked out of a kebab shop at 4am over the weekend. According to the reports he got involved in an argument that was ongoing over a bag of chips, naturally.

After a night at Infernos in Clapham, Hugo Hammond headed to the kebab shop where he intervened in a row. In a video of the altercation, a polystyrene container of chips is thrown into the air and Hugo shouts “Bro, relax brother. Relax” towards a group of fellow customers. One girl calls another customer a “dickhead” and tells people to “get this bitch out of here” whilst Hugo tries to calm down the situation.

Love Island star Hugo Hammond has been seen in a row in a kebab shop over some chips

via Alicia Preston

An onlooker told MailOnline: “A random man threw a chip at her as a joke. She over-reacted and got in his face shouting, throwing some food at him. He then reacted violently and punched her food out of her hand.” Hugo is then said to have approached a young guy, who stood up to Hugo too before a different girl, who Hugo was with, stood in the way and pushed the other guy away. Hugo appears to be booed and mocked by other customers.

The owners of the shop, as well as security from Infernos, reportedly escorted everyone out of shop. Hugo is then said to have returned to the shop to buy some more food.

Speaking on Instagram on Monday, Hugo hinted he’d had a heavy weekend. Asking if any of his followers had “gone a bit hard this weekend” he said, “Um, I may have got a little bit too merry this weekend”.

via Instagram @Hugo_Hammond


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