Faye says ex-Love Islanders are using her name to get into the Daily Mail

‘They say nice to meet you – but no, it’s not nice to meet me at all is it?’

Love Island 2021’s Faye Winter has gone in on Islanders from previous series, saying they are using her name to stay relevant. She has accused other stars of the show of badmouthing her and then pretending to be her mate, and she really isn’t holding back here.

Faye was a runner-up in the most recent series of the show, and is now saying people from older series are pretending to like her even though they said bad things about her whilst she was in the villa. “As an Islander I will never, ever, ever judge anyone based on what is put out on the show. That is one thing I have really struggled with – previous Islanders having an opinion on me when they know how it works,” she told the Daily Mail.

“Either come up to me and say ‘you looked like a dick on TV but let’s have a conversation’ but they’re like ‘oh hey babe, nice to meet you’ – but no, it’s not nice to meet me at all is it? I do hold a grudge I can say that. A lot of ex-Islanders want to use your name to stay relevant so, cool you do that. I’m their ticket back onto MailOnline!”

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One of the biggest talking points on Love Island this year was the fallout from Casa Amor and “Movie Night” – which saw a huge row breakout between couple Faye and her partner, Teddy Soares. Over 25,000 complaints were made to Ofcom regarding Faye and her treatment of Teddy in the scenes.

She’s since apologised for what happened, and admitted she “got it all wrong”. Speaking to the Daily Mail about the moment and the backlash from it, she added: “I never stray away from the fact that Love Island allowed me to grow so much as a person. They did push us – don’t get me wrong, we were pushed, and tensions were high, but you got to see every side of each of us. After the big argument I was in floods of tears, and I know that wasn’t shown but at the same time I still had that argument, and I still said those things – I can’t get away from it.”

She’s now hinted that Islanders who spoke badly about her and this moment whilst she was in the villa, have now faked friendships with her since she left. Yikes. 👀

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