Faye has spoken out about the 25,000 Ofcom complaints made about her on Love Island

‘I got it wrong. I was embarrassed’

One of the biggest talking points on Love Island this year was the fallout from Casa Amor and “Movie Night” – which saw a huge row breakout between couple Faye Winter and Teddy Soares. Over 25,000 complaints were made to Ofcom regarding Faye and her treatment of fellow Love Island 2021 contestant Teddy in the scenes. Having left the villa, and returning to normal life now alongside her now boyfriend Teddy, Faye has reflected on everything that happened.

Having previously said she was in no rush to watch the series back, Faye ended up watching the dramatic argument in front of all her fellow Islanders during the reunion show, and made light about the number of complaints made. She joked that, if she had been a viewer of the show, she would have complained herself.

Faye Winter has opened up about the Ofcom complaints that were made about her during her time on Love Island 2021

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Faye has since apologised and in an interview with Grazia magazine, admits she “got it all wrong”. “There were times I dealt with it completely wrongly,” she said. “And everyone unfortunately got to see that.” She continued: “I’d be lying if I said that when I saw 25,000 complaints, I wasn’t upset – I was already embarrassed about the situation.”

Faye continued to say that one of the things which worried her the most was how her family would feel, seeing her get such backlash. “When I saw [the complaints], I was more upset because I knew my friends and family would have seen that as well,” she explained. She added that her sister, Jo, had to deal with the “brunt of it” and “wasn’t happy with how I acted”. “But we’ve had that conversation now, we’re over it,” she said.

The argument with Faye and Teddy wasn’t just one of the most talked about Love Island 2021 moments, it received the most complaints for any episode of Love Island in history. It has since been dismissed by the regulator as “within the viewers’ likely expectations of this programme’s established format” but at the time a domestic abuse charity called Faye’s behaviour “unacceptable”.

Faye Winter has opened up about the Ofcom complaints that were made about her during her time on Love Island 2021

via ITV

After the dramatic scenes, many people questioned if Faye only apologised to Teddy because producers had urged her to. However, this has never been confirmed and Faye has said, even if the producers had, she wouldn’t have to comply. “People seem to forget that you can say no,” she said. “[The producers] don’t force you.” She also added that the team at Love Island made sure a therapist has been available at “the drop of a hat” for her, should she need it.

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