BREAKING: Bristol Uni students can finally get free buses to Coombe Dingle Sports Complex

The bus will not be stopping at Stoke Bishop however

Bristol Uni are introducing a FREE shuttle bus service running every Wednesday to Coombe Dingle Sports Complex.

Beginning today, and running until the 7th November students can board the bus from Tyndall Avenue at uni in a non-stop service to Coombe Dingle.

This however means it will not be picking up hungover freshers from Stoke Bishop.

It is approximately a 12 minute drive and the buses will run regularly throughout the day. The time table can be found here.

The uni specifically mention drinking alcohol is banned on the bus and the service is only available for Bristol University students and staff.

Lucy Matthews, Sport and Student Development Officer, said:  “I am delighted to be able to deliver on a bus to and from Coombe Dingle for both players and spectators of the Wednesday Games. It has been an aim for different Sport and Student Development Officers for a long time but now we can ensure that our students are getting to and from fixtures for free ensuring that ultimately their safety is prioritised.”  

Bristol SU Officer teams have been campaigning for transport to Coombe Dingle for many years as it is difficult for students to get there without a car. It has been made possible thanks to work between Bristol Uni Sport and Bristol SU. 

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