Bristol Uni hires private security and Covid marshals to enforce campus rules

Police patrols are already running in the community

Bristol Uni has hired private security and marshals to enforce Covid regulations on campus and in halls of residence.

In an interview with The Bristol Tab today, VC Hugh Brady confirmed the plans, saying “My appeal to students is to look at what’s happened elsewhere, and ensure we’re not in that place, and the way to ensure we’re not in that place is by behaving responsibly together.”

He added: “If necessary, we will apply our disciplinary code which includes everything from fines all the way through to expulsion at the other end.”

Bristol Uni is also paying £15k for police patrols of student-heavy areas on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, monitoring for loud parties and breaches of Covid rules.

With 1,700 students locked down at Manchester Met Uni, and thousands more self-isolating across the country, Bristol Uni is taking no risks when it comes to enforcing Covid rules.

Around 60 student marshals will be hired to help students get around the newly redesigned campus as a result of Covid.

A University spokesperson said: “The student marshals will be on campus assisting with enquiries and helping staff and students to navigate their way around our Covid-secure campus.  They are being formed from existing students who know the campus well and will be fully briefed and provided with PPE. It’s a bit like a marshal at open day, giving advice and pointing people in the right direction.”

Private security has also been hired to “monitor our residential halls and encourage students not to form large groups/gatherings, dispersing them where they do take place.”

There was national controversy over the weekend as it emerged that private security was not allowing students to leave their hall at Manchester Met Uni, which was criticised today by VC Hugh Brady, who said “I would not see us behaving that way.”

The University says: “Both measures are part of our desire to keep the University safe, secure and open for teaching and research.”

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