Vote for Bristol’s most eligible bachelor: Group 1

Who’s the hottest guy on campus?

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The first round of our most eligible Bristol bachelor competition is finally here. You can check out the first batch of bachelorettes here.

Vote at the bottom for who you think should be crowned Bristol’s most eligible bachelor 2018. The winner of this group will go into the final to be dubbed Bristol's most eligible bachelor and win eternal glory, love, affection and hearts everywhere, just in time for St Valentine's Day.

Without further ado, here are six of the best of Bristol's singletons:

Joe Walder, 21, Electrical Engineering

"A regular on Sports Night, a popular game amongst his friends is 'Where's Waldo?' due to his tendency to wander off in search of the ladies! This player is in need of some female attention to fulfil his dreams of settling down with a lovely lady."

Johnny Hall, 22, Medicine

"Johnny Hall, despite his large popularity (see his Facebook fan page ), remains tragically single. This 6 ft 2, future doctor's, bright blue "angel" eyes can give any woman palpitations, but then cure them with his seductive bedside manner. "

David Cohen, 19, Economics

"Does economics, the ultimate bachelor course. New reconstructive ('non-cosmetic') surgery means he's the best looking catch in Stoke Bishop. Motivated, brainy, and a talented salsa dancer, combined with good chat, mean David Cohen is the ultimate guy- girls better secure him while they can!"

Jack Elliot, 19, Economics and Finance

"After enduring a rough break up with his girlfriend this handsome Irishman is ready to get back on his feet (also he’s minted and plans to get more minted by becoming an investment banker)."

Leonardo De Rezende, 19, Law

"Single, fit af, and will take you on the best date of your life. Classy in the streets and fun in the sheets. Started the petition to stop the abolition of halls staff."

Toby DB, 20, Philosophy

"Creator of The Whip, he was last year's most eligible bachelor and he clearly deserves to be this year's winner too."