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Vote for Bristol’s most eligible bachelorette: Group 1

All the single ladies

The first round of our most eligible Bristol bachelorette competition is finally here. After receiving a huge amount of nominations following our article last week, we have cut down the group to a select few.

Vote at the bottom for who you think should be crowned Bristol’s most eligible bachelorette 2018. The winner of this group will go into the final to be dubbed Bristol's most eligible bachelorette and win eternal glory, love, affection and hearts everywhere, just in time for St Valentine's Day.

Without further ado, here are five of the best of Bristol's singletons:

Liv Daniel, 22, Engineering Design

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"She's fit. She's smart. She fit. Recently single – lucky for the boys of Bristol. "

Iona McLeod, 20, Cellular Molecular Medicine

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"Smart, beautiful AND cheer captain. Iona is the full package. Her sass is unparalleled and she can shake her hips better than Shakira. Find her in Lounge on any given Wednesday strutting her stuff on the dance floor. She's by far the most eligible bachelorette, so good luck coming close to being worthy of her. "

Charlotte Forth , 20, Neuroscience

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"The northern triple threat of Bristol Neuroscience department: brains, looks and does track. Loves bathing in gravy and getting that Greggs sausage."

Luci Machado, 18, Philosophy

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"Top shagger, amazingly peng, and always up for a laugh. 5ft2 pocket rocket. Just do it."

Alex Boulton, 20, History

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"A ravishing brunette with eyes as sparkling as her wit, her presence has the same effect on a man as alcohol does on the human mind- it intoxicates, stimulates, invigorates and overpowers. She's the Editor of Epigram but apart from that she's great."