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Princess Anne visited a charity shop in Clifton Village today

Was she buying a gift for Charlotte?

Clifton residents out shopping this lunchtime were surprised to see a familiar face paying a visit to the local charity shop.

Princess Anne was inspecting the Clifton Village Save the Children branch in her role as Patron of the charity, of which she was previously President from 1970-2016.

Dubbed the 'busiest royal' for clocking up some 455 engagements last year, Anne had earlier been to the Addiction Recovery Agency in Bristol and is scheduled to visit the All-Aboard Watersports centre and the opening of Dolphin School.

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Princess Anne emerging from the shop

Passers by were prevented from getting too close by the long arm of Anne's Royal Protection Officers. However around twenty five people chose to stare from afar, with the Princess Royal's emergence from the store prompting stunned silence followed by waves and calls of "Hi Princess Anne!" and "How are you?"

Anne did not hang around long, waving to the small crowd before marching into her imposing Range Rover and driving off. Asked for comment, local residents Janet and Sue told The Tab: "It was very unexpected. We were just walking along Clifton High Street and saw the police.

"I had a look and I was sure it was Princess Anne. It’s very good for the volunteers. It’s a real boost for them having a princess come in. They do it all for nothing. It’s great for morale."

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Princess Anne leaving the store earlier today

The Tab Bristol contacted Buckingham Palace Press Office to ask whether Anne bought anything for Princess Charlotte in the store. However the Palace are yet to respond to our enquiries.