There’s a Just Giving page to help the sick Goldney Cat

It’s already raised over £600 in a week

The much beloved Goldney Cat– also known by the name Jose, Juan, Nigel and Catney- has gained the support of nearly 50 kind donors, amounting to just over £600 in the last week.

Donors were eager to hand out a helping paw after a recent check up at the vet where Jose/Juan/Nigel/Catney was reported to be appearing "skinny and struggling to walk" and was found to be suffering from mid-stages of kidney failure according to the Just Giving page.

The notorious feline, who even featured in a Guardian article in 2012, is rumoured to be one of the most established residents of Goldney.

He is supposed to have resided at the Clifton based accommodation for some 20 years, with one ex-resident stating that even in 2006 he already looked to of been a well accomplished cat. With no clear owner, the Goldney cat was generously fed by cleaning staff and comforted by his doting Goldney fanbase who have even set up his own Facebook page.

Adele Wills, an ex-Goldney resident, said: "I used to let him in my flat when I was a first-year when it was raining or particularly cold. One night I let him in the flat and he curled up on my bedroom chair for the evening, and kept my feet company at the end of my bed through the night! It was very sweet."

A legend in his prime, dating back to the nostalgic days of '06

She added: "It may be that the sun is setting on his fluffy life, so the donations are to help him be comfortable and not in pain.”"

The money raised by the Just Giving page will contribute towards Jose/Juan/Nigel/Catney’s vet fees, as well as his new more expensive low protein diet in order to sustain his wellbeing in his old age. As well as donations, many kind words and memories have been shared on the page, with a previous comrade wishing to give a "small payback for all you love and feline support" and even one anonymous donator offering up their home stating "You're always welcome in G2, my dude".

We wish Jose / Juan / Nigel / Catney all the comfort and paw-sitive vibes he deserves in his time of need, and send our thoughts to all of those who have been comforted by him over the years. Keep your head up, lil dude.