There’s a Victoria’s Secret store opening in Cabot Circus next year

This is not a drill

In early 2016 expect to go deep into your overdrafts because a Victoria’s Secret store is opening in Cabot Circus.

The shop will be the first Victoria’s Secret’s in the whole of the South West and will be located opposite Topshop and next to H&M (where you used to get your underwear from).


As well as the iconic lingerie, the store will also stock Victoria’s Secret loungewear, nightwear, perfume and make up as well as the PINK sub-brand.


We asked some lingerie enthusiasts how the opening of the store is going to impact them.

Law student Hannah said: “I’m very excited about the store. Their push-up bras are life-saving.”

Philosophy student Evie told the Tab she doesn’t think the hefty price tag of the products will put students off.

“Yeah, it’s four times the price but it’s also four times the boob.”