Darts team assemble

Yeah, you’ve all heard of the big names on the football and rugby teams, but what about the elite athletes who throw DARTS? Introducing BUDS, Brizzle’s very own darts club.

Love pints? Love pubs? Come on down to the darts club’s first exhibition next Monday, featuring world number 17 Terry ‘The Bull’ Jenkins and Andy ‘The Pieman’ Smith.

Introducing the committee who love to throw tungsten on fortnightly Thursday socials at Riley’s:

Alex “The Rhynosaur” Lyne

Position: President
Favoured tipple: Carling Shandy
Favoured checkout: Double 16
Other hobbies: All card games
Thoughts on darts: “If you were to take the pandemonium of the Pamplona encierro and mix it with the ferocity of the Colosseum when the Christians were on the menu, I think you would come somewhere close to the atmosphere of a darts match.”

George House

Position: Secretary
Favoured tipple: The Famous Grouse
Favoured checkout: Double 1
Other hobbies: Origami
Thoughts on darts: “Watching is far more fun than playing”

Tom ‘The Matador’ Dawe

Position: Treasurer
Favoured tipple: Tanqueray 10
Favoured checkout: Double 16
Other hobbies: Juggling
Thoughts on darts: “Let’s Play Darts!”

Hector Pollock Fraser

Position: Social Secretary
Favoured tipple: Innis and Gunn
Favoured checkout: Double 4
Other hobbies: Tennis both big and table sized
Thoughts on darts: “I wish I had better hand-eye coordination”
BUDS is having its first major exhibition event next Monday (25th November), which will be taking place at the Polish Club on St. Pauls Road. Tickets are just £5 for members of the society, which costs £3 to join.