Revealed: Who does the most drugs?

The Tab set out to discover which students are spending their time lighting up rather than knuckling down. Here are the results.

The results of The Tab’s drug survey are in and Bristol has failed to meet expectations – coming in just slightly above average.

70% of students have tried drugs at least once in their lives, and 75% of respondents from Bristol.

That figure rises as high as 85% in our druggiest uni, the eternally edgy Leeds.

The historic Manchester-Liverpool rivalry is played out in our survey, as the Mancunians pip the Scousers to second place.

Bottom of the pile are the boffins in Cambridge. Obviously they’re too busy studying to get high, with 57% of students there having tried drugs.

And it looks as if ‘Dullham‘ is living up to its dubious reputation, coming second last in our alternative uni league table.

But while Leeds might score highly overall, students in Edinburgh are clearly wiggin’ out on hallucinogens as they snatch top spot for the number of respondents taking LSD and mushrooms.

Students in Liverpool are on the grittier side of things, having it large on the coke and drone.

Down south appears to be a cleaner affair. Maybe they’re all just drunk?

Hearteningly, it looks as if addiction is yet to set in with the majority of students, as only 4% said they needed drugs to have a good night out.

But that could be because we’re already bored of them. The average age at which respondents first tried drugs in some form stands at a pubescent 16 years and 2 months.

The Tab’s drug survey took in 21 universities around the UK. Over 5,000 students responded and, to be honest, the results confirm what most of us suspect anyway.

Philosophy students come top of the subject table, contemplating the big questions in a haze of self-discovery. As Bob Marley once said: “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” Quite.

Medics are bottom of the pile, abiding by the Hippocratic Oath to refuse the ‘deadly medicine’. (Well, we say that – more than half of them have still tried something illegal.)

Unsurprisingly, cannabis comes out top in the list of preferred poisons. 68% of students have tried it.

But the 60s are long behind us as the trippy LSD is bottom of the student drug-takers shopping list.

Some of the ‘Other’ drugs you named make for interesting reading. One Cambridge PhD student said he’d tried ‘cat’s pee’, while another went for ‘penis juice’. One student said simply: “Some of the new ones with long names.” It can be difficult to keep up.

Several smart-asses suggested alcohol, nicotine and caffeine as ‘Other’ drugs. Sorry guys, they’re a little extreme for this survey.

Obviously we all know how much druggies loves talking about drugs, so you can take these results with a pinch of… salt.

The Tab surveyed 5,126 students at 21 UK universities in the second term of the 2012/13 academic year. Stay tuned all this week for more results from our ‘study’.