Chappers & Ali: “I Was Attacked With Soup”

Burst Radio speak to the guys behind their Show Of The Week

As the first week of new radio shows came to an end, Burst HQ let out a sigh of relief. Newbie presenters managed to battle any anxiety and Term 2 got off to a cracking start.

There were definitely moments of stress in Burst Towers, with keys going missing to the studio on several occasions and the usual streaming problems, but nothing the tech team weren’t able to fix.

For our column this week, we decided to get up close and personal with new kids on the block Ali and Chappers, who have taken BURST listeners by storm with their Monday afternoon show.

Chappers And Ali

Chappers and Ali’s Movember efforts got mixed reviews

Who Are You?

Our favourite Monday duo, these two troublemakers burst onto air in autumn and have revolutionized Monday listening. In need of knowing which soup is heating up the spring catwalk this season? Popular songs translated and performed in Spanish? Conspiracy theories or even weekly enlightenment? These are your men.

Why The Nicknames?

Ali is an imaginative shortening of the name Alexander, meaning ‘protector of men’. Chappers is, on the surface, an extension of the name Charles (or Charlie). However, beneath the fun, playful, ‘hey wise guy’ exterior of the name, is the fact it was born out of retaliation.

Chappers gave someone a nickname they felt was belittling  and so they attempted to return the favour and embarrass Charlie. Little did he know, the name given to our protagonist would actually stick…


Ali – French and the art of YouTube.
Charlie – Geography, Spanish and Soupology (he says with a smirk, a smirk that is very typical of Chappers).

Even Daniel Radcliffe’s a fan!

Enjoying Campus Fame?

“Other than Chappers being attacked on Woodland Road by a number of disgruntled listeners who threw boiling hot broccoli and stilton soup all over his face and hair, the celebrity status is something to be cherished.

Free food at gourmet hotspots such as Jason Donervan and Piri Piri Chicken, free entry to any Bristol-based museum and the permission to park anywhere we want are the obvious perks.

That said, we’re down-to-earth guys and there’s nothing better than when a young child and mother approach us and sing one of our jingles, or ask us to sign a mitten or a Kinder Egg.

Best Thing About Burst?

Gabs. Next question.

Chappers: Your Ultimate Soup?

Gabriella – can I call you Gabriella? Thanks (he smirks again). I’m going to answer your question with a question of my own. What’s your ultimate soup if you had to pick one?

That’s right, you can’t answer it. Its a stupid question. How can I possibly answer it? It’s like me trying to decide which of my children is my favourite… next question.

Carrot & Coriander: One of Chappers’ faves

Ali: Best “Downton Ali” Fact?

The aim is to share interesting facts no-one will have heard before, so I think revealing Gary Neville wasn’t allowed to wear trainers at school, or that Winston Churchill’s favourite actor was Antonio Banderas are probably the best ones.

The boys record their Christmas single!

On Air?

Mondays 5-6pm…Tune in!

Or, if you missed it, listen again to this week’s show.

Interview by Gabrielle Westington – Programme Controller at Burst Radio