Beans on Toast: I Love Bristol, it’s so ‘crusty’…

The Tab chats to Beans on Toast about Bristol, students and how he’d beat Frank Turner in a fight

Two years ago he played at The Croft the day after the Stokes Croft riots, carefully swapping all his merchandise out of Tesco carrier bags before he walked up the road.

This week, Beans on Toast was back in Stokes Croft again, for another hilarious and thought-provoking set of ‘drunk folk’.

It’s been a busy year for Essex’s greatest export, having supported his good friend Frank Turner at Wembley Arena in April but Jay was quick to deny any kind of post-Wembley depression.

Our Tab staff and Beans On Toast hit the bar for a quiet drink

Tab: So what do you think of Bristol?

Beans on Toast: I love Bristol, it’s one of my favourite cities. If I had to describe it in one word I guess ‘crusty’ might be the one, could be seen in a bad way…

But I always say when you move around a lot, much of your relationship with a city can depend on the friends that you have there, they can take you to better places, they’ll look after you well, and I’ve always had good friends in Bristol.

This is one of the only places I could see myself living; it’s got this very original and personal vibe.

Tab: Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

BOT: As far as five year plans go… for years I used to talk and sing a lot about the Mayan prophecy and why that means I don’t actually have to have a five year plan.

Now it’s actually in two weeks time, I’ve still not thought any further ahead than the 21st of December, even though the immediacy of it makes it a little bit harder to believe.

I’ve always got my eye out for earthquakes or a war to kick off. But really I’ve put no thought into it.

Tab: What was your reaction to the news of Kate’s baby?

BOT: Kate who?

Tab: Our future Queen… preggerz with the Royal baby?

BOT: I’ve been in a car all day, but I couldn’t care less.

Tab: Who would win in a fight between you and Frank Turner?

BOT: Me. I’m pretty tough. I think if we were playing scrabble I’d lose, but in a fight I reckon I’d be alright.

Tab: What would be your advice to a student at Bristol who’s about to graduate?

BOT: I don’t know, I didn’t go to University but my advice, coming from someone who didn’t, would be that students in general need to convince the world that they’re learning rather than just getting hammered.

The best thing to come out of Essex ever?

When someone says ‘Student’, no-one says ‘young person hungry to learn, wanting to go somewhere in the world’.

Everybody says ‘Fancy dress, cheap drinks and then only looking for a job in later life’.

Tab: Great advice, we’re all hungry for knowledge. Us three haven’t even slept with that many girls…

BOT: Surprising.

Beans on Toast’s new album ‘Fishing For A Thank You’ is available on iTunes as well as from all good independent record stores.