Bournemouth University to remain ‘open as usual’ despite coronavirus panic

‘PHE has advised that the risk to our students, staff and visitors remains low’

Bournemouth bournemouth uni Coronavirus covid-19

Bournemouth University will continue to remain open as normal and Public Health England has advised that the risk to members of the BU community remains low and no new measures have been put in place at this time.

The UK is expected to move into the ‘delay’ phase today, while lectures at Durham University have been moved online and King’s College London has announced they ‘will not hold conventional unseen exams’ during the Spring exam period.

Despite the World Health Organisation labelling the outbreak of the disease as a pandemic, BU risk assessments have not changed. A spokesperson for the University said that the institution is ‘constantly reviewing advice and will always act with the wellbeing of our staff and students in mind.’

The University released the following statement regarding the wellbeing of staff and students in affected countries;

‘The wellbeing of our staff and students is of top priority. As the virus is becoming more widespread. we are working with anyone affected on a case by case basis, taking advice from Public Health England’

So far there has only been one confirmed case of the Covid-19 virus at Bournemouth University and Public Health England has done a full assessment of the person’s movements over the last few weeks. Anyone deemed to have had significant contact with the student has been given appropriate healthcare advice. The University stated; ‘If you have not been contacted by PHE there is no need for concern.’

The Government’s plan of action is expected to change following the emergency committee meeting due to take place at lunchtime today. In the meantime, the best way to protect yourself and others from the virus is to vigilantly follow the guidelines set out by Public Health England which can be found here.

Stock featured image via SWNS