Makeshift Birmingham nightclub hosting 150 people is raided by the police

The club contained a DJ, bar and VIP area

West Midlands Police report that the nightclub was “packed” after being illegally set up near the Jewellery Quarter.

As the officers raided the club, they had bottles thrown at them, and one suffered minor injuries.

People escaped the club over the roof, but 70 people were caught and fined £200 each, whilst the DJ was fined £10,000.

The club consisted of two floors with a DJ, bar and VIP area.

150 people were found in the secret club that police raided with Tasers, commanding people to stay calm and not move.

After entering the officers were hit with bottles and one suffered minor injuries according to a video released by West Midlands Police.

One attendee can be heard in the police video admitting “I also have a professional job, so it’s very embarrassing that I am here”.

People attempted to break out of the club, fleeing over the roof in efforts to escape from the police.

After searching the venue, police found a gym and music studio, both full of equipment.

The current fine for breaking lockdown rules stands at £200, but can be lowered to £100 if paid within 14 days. The police caught 70 clubbers and fined them £200. Meanwhile, the DJ could face a £10,000 fine.

On the same night, the police also found a garage that had been turned into a makeshift bar renamed “The Covid Arms”.

The pub held 13 adults, and the policeman in the video can be heard telling them “we should know better. Yeah? We’re all grown up.”

Officers allowed all but the owner to leave, who was issued a £1,000 fine.

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