Seven things UoB students should take up for Lent

Putting a positive spin on Lent this year

With Lent coming up on February 17, most people will be thinking about what they should give up. However this year, thanks to Rona, it feels like we’ve given up enough.

Instead, we’ve come up with some positive ideas of things to take up, and spice up your lockdown life, because we’ve definitely exhausted the zoom quizzes.

So, from journalling, to spending time outdoors, to picking up a new hobby, we’ve got you covered.

Try writing a diary

Although Covid has us all locked up and not doing anything particularly exciting, writing a diary can be a great way to make sure your time isn’t just blurring into one long day.

Whether you’re writing about your extravagant plans for post-Covid life or simply what you had for breakfast, writing a diary is a good way to keep track of everything you’re getting up to during these crazy times.

Take more pictures

Are you reliving Soul Jam in your uni bedroom at 8pm? Taking yet another walk to Aldi? Engaging in fun lockdown activities with your housemates? Well go ahead and snap a picture of it.

Whichever year of uni you’re in, your time in Brum will fly by much faster than you expect. So whatever you’re getting up to in isolation, take a picture and maybe you’ll look back one day and think Covid times weren’t so bad.

Listen to a daily podcast

Listening to a daily podcast is probably one of the least taxing things you can take up this lent – you can listen from your bed, whilst making your breakfast, in the shower (apparently podcasts make great “background noise” during lectures too).

The best part about this activity is that you can choose a podcast about virtually anything you want – from listening to spooky night time stories to learning a new skill.

Maybe you could even go the extra mile and start up a podcast of your own.

Start a daily exercise routine

And feel free to drop it as quickly as your new year’s resolution. But worth a try, right?

The phase of trying to get a new lockdown body might be over (and that’s probably a good thing), but finding things to do during isolation isn’t.

Although gyms are closed, you could try taking a walk around the wonderfully scenic streets of Selly Oak (not), perhaps do some morning yoga or start a new fitness video with your housemates.

Try new foods and recipes

Whilst enjoying new foods during a sunny, outdoor picnic may be a no-go at the moment, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use lent to be adventurous with your culinary choices.

With all of our favourite restaurants currently closed (we miss you, Waga’s), try to recreate your favourite meals or recipes from around the world at home. Or, you could try something completely new and add some flavour to lockdown 3.0.

Check out our recommendations for new student meals to try here.

Expand your baking repertoire

A bit of a lockdown cliché, we know. But baking is always a fun (and delicious) activity when you’re bored.

Try to bake something you’ve never tried before and make a habit of spending more time making tasty desserts.

But please, we beg, no more banana bread! I think we’ve all had enough of that for a lifetime.

Learn to make your favourite cocktails

My personal favourite, and actually not as hard as you might think.

We’re probably all missing The Goose and The S’oak right now (rip) so why not try making your own cocktails from your kitchen?

Whether Strawberry Daiquiri is your thing or you’re a religious Mojito drinker, this will save you a LOT of money when you fancy a cocktail and, it means you don’t have to miss out on your favourite tipple during lockdown.

Check out this super easy guide to making your own cocktails.

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