Nearly 300 coronavirus cases have been confirmed at the University of Birmingham

UoB have not yet informed students of these cases

Last night sources from UoB confirmed to The Sun of almost 300 students and staff having tested positive for the virus at the University of Birmingham.  

UoB is not the only university having reported cases of the virus with the University of Sheffield, University of Durham and Northumbria University all reporting high numbers of coronavirus cases.

In total at least 56 universities around the UK have already reported cases of coronavirus, with the figure presumed to be much higher.

These cases of coronavirus at the university have emerged despite UoB providing students with a free UoB branded face mask, and the COVID-19 testing facility on campus being opened for over a month. 

Households in Birmingham, are still under local restrictions. Birmingham residents are still unable to mix with anyone outside their own household, in their house and in gardens. Local restrictions have now been introduced in more than a quarter of the UK’s population.

Among the highest universities reporting cases so far are Northumbia University with 770 Northumbria students testing positive with the virus.

Guidance and advice for students at the university concerned with the current outbreak can be found here.

The University of Birmingham have been contacted for a comment.

The University of Birmingham previously told The Birmingham Tab that the full data from the university will be published early this week.

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