Durham University confirms 76 cases of Covid-19 among students

69 of these student cases were reported to the university within the last seven days

Durham University has confirmed that in the past seven days, 69 students and one member of staff have reported a positive coronavirus test to them. When added on to cases reported outside of this time window, this brings the number of reported cases in total to three members of staff and 76 students.

These statistics were published by Durham University to their website, with the statistics on confirmed cases correct as of Sunday 4th October. The university has said that, as of Monday 5th October, it will update the statistics on a weekly basis, stating: “From Monday 5 October 2020, we will publish weekly updates on the total number of cases of coronavirus which have been reported to us by staff and students, through our own reporting systems.

“We will update figures weekly, usually on a Thursday, giving the number of new cases reported in that week, along with a running total. Please note that these figures are taken from all staff and students – not just those living, studying and working on campus/in Durham City.”

Durham University has also confirmed that of its 20,500 students, around 2,000 are currently studying entirely online.

More information on Covid-19 cases at Durham University can be found here.