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15 items from the Durham University shop you didn’t know you needed until now

Official Durham University flip flops? Add to basket.

Durham offer holders discuss the prospect of starting uni online

Prospective students talk deferring, online teaching, and their worries about academic and social life

Durham 2020 Congregation ceremonies rescheduled for April 2021

An email from Durham University states that the full schedules will become available in Autumn

Durham student investigated after making racist remarks in video

The student concerned told The Tab Durham he sincerely apologises for the hurt it has caused

25 of the best Twitter responses to THAT Dominic Cummings Durham trip

He really dared to take the trip we’re all desperate to

Interested in joining The Tab Durham? Apply NOW!

Applications are now open for Deputy Editor, News Editor and Social Editor

Plans for Virtual June Ball underway, leaked Castle Exec screenshots reveal

The email thread promises ‘novelty and value for money’ from the event

Durham summer congregation cancelled with no immediate plans to reschedule

An email sent this morning promises to consider ‘other ways of marking the occasion’

University staff to remove possessions from rooms of Castle and Hatfield livers in

They plan to relocate students to Josephine Butler following the Prime Minister’s Broadcast

Lectures at Durham being moved to online teaching amid coronavirus outbreak

Politics and biology lectures do not require physical attendance

Review: St Aidan’s Charity Fashion Show 2020

This year’s offering, ‘Awakening’, did not disappoint

Durham University launches £2M scholarships initiative for low-income students

The record breaking scheme will support students hailing from the North East of England

As someone with British Asian heritage, Katy Perry’s new British Asian Trust role is insulting

She’s neither British nor Asian. Come on.

Jimmy Allen’s has closed down until further notice

An announcement was made on the club’s Facebook page this evening

Cuth’s Charity Fashion Show 2020: Meet the Models

It’s time to take a walk on the wild side

Nominations are open for Durham’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

It’s time to get nominating

BREAKING: Power cut evacuates Collingwood and Grey freshers overnight

Maiden Castle is being set up as a temporary accommodation

Collingwood Football Club’s annual 24 hour game to kick off this Friday

175 players have already signed up to get involved

Introducing the second half of the 2020 DUCFS Exec

And we love them just as much as the first

It’s time to meet the first of the DUCFS 2020 Exec

And we asked them all the questions you’ll want to know

Every boy you’ll meet on Tinder in Durham

Including a photo of your dog in your profile is not a substitute for a personality

Man tries to steal female Law grad’s degree by pretending he’d “had a sex change”

He tried to steal her identity

Meet the company bringing Durham to the races this Sunday

Ticket holders will attend the event at Sedgefield Racecourse

Durham students protest rising accommodation fees with banners hung over Kingsgate Bridge

One reads “My university doesn’t want me here”

DURFC to play charity match against Northumbria

The event will raise money for Sport in Action

‘She was very well known and much loved’: Olivia Burt’s parents are launching a charity in her memory

It focuses on providing opportunities to young people

I went to a private school and I don’t think they should exist

Unless we level the playing field, inequalities will continue to deepen

Durham University sexual health services named second worst in the UK

Only the University of South Wales was ranked worse

If the Love Island 2019 cast were Durham colleges, these are the ones they’d be

It is what it is, don’t fight me

It’s time for Round 2 of Durham’s BNOC of the Year

Let’s up the ante, shall we?

Vote for Durham’s BNOC of the Year 2019: Round one

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the biggest name of all?

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week: Here’s how you can access welfare support

Because Durham actually has some amazing resources

It’s time to nominate Durham’s BNOC of the Year 2019

Send the crazy people this way, please

All the post-exam events to watch out for

Get me out of the Billy B and onto the Princey B ASAP

College staff considering strike action over operations review

A petition has reached over 2,000 signatures

61 staff positions under threat in the college operations review

College staff descriptions will be ‘redefined’

We spoke to Durham’s MenSoc President to see if he’s actually low-key woke

Suspend your disbelief, ladies and gents

Review: Van Mildert Charity Fashion Show 2019

It definitely left a lasting IMPACT

We caught up with some of Durham’s visiting DJs, to prove our nightlife isn’t dead

Because I never want to hear Mr Brightside again

This is not a drill: Love Island are scouting at Fabs tomorrow

We’re not mugging you off here

Battle of the Durham Supermarkets: Which is a student’s best option?

Because there’s more to life than just Tesco