770 Northumbria students have tested positive for coronavirus

Those affected and their close contacts are all self-isolating


Northumbria University has just announced it is aware of 770 students who have tested positive for Covid-19 on campus and in accommodation.

While only 78 of those who tested positive are symptomatic, all who did so and their flatmates are currently self-isolating.

The University has reiterated its priority of assisting students who are self-isolating, vowing to provide them with a “bespoke support package”.

A Northumbria Students’ Union spokesperson said: “The Union is here to represent and stand up for students and we’ve been working hard, alongside the University and the Council, to create an environment where students can not only safely access the education they came here for but enjoy life on campus too.

“We’ve adapted the use of our buildings and the services we provide to ensure that students enjoy a great start to their university experience, whilst taking every precaution to limit the spread of the virus.

“In cases where students are isolating we’re pleased to be able to support safe isolation, with our student volunteers assisting with grocery deliveries to accommodation, and by enabling virtual attendance to our society events.”

‘We must all follow the guidance’

Cllr Irim Ali, Newcastle City Council cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Public Health, said: “What this demonstrates is the need for everybody to comply with the regulations and guidance in place at all times in order to minimise the risk of infection.

“That means we must all follow the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ public health guidance and making sure we self-isolate when necessary and book a test if symptoms develop.”

Featured image: Trevor Littlewood, Creative Commons License 

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