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The Birmingham Tab is recruiting for its 2020-2021 Editorial Team

Positions available include: Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, Features Editor and Social Media Editor

The applications are open for The Birmingham Tab’s Editorial Team 2020/21! Positions available include; Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, Features Editor and Social Media Editor.

Whether you’ve written one story for us or a hundred, or maybe even none at all (though some journalistic experience might help you out!), we want to hear from you.

Why should I apply?

The Tab is a student news site with over six million monthly readers, breaking the biggest and best news stories on campus. When a Guild Officer was threatened by the Officer Training soldiers, when student sexual assault was neglected by the university, when students were rioting in Hong Kong, or when four hundred English students skipped out on their lecture, we were the first to cover it.

We’ve also given you the number one guide to your all-nightergot drunk girls to solve Brexit, and provided you with the hottest UoB memes about.

Tab editors go on to do great things in the world of journalism and beyond – you’ll see us everywhere from The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Vice, Buzzfeed, Vogue, the BBC and more besides.

Part of the 2019-20 Birmingham Tab Editorial Team

What roles are available?


As Editor-in-Chief, you’ll be running the show. This means managing and building your team, running weekly meetings, training writers, and being on call for scoops. In daily communication with Tab HQ,  writing several articles every week, and overseeing everything that goes out, you’ll keep running The Birmingham Tab as one of the country’s best. By the end of the year, you’ll have made your mark, chased down scoops that get in the nationals, and established a tight-knit team around you.

Although this role is intense, the current Deputy Editor, Nicole Donaldson, describes it as “one of the most exciting, challenging and fulfilling things I’ve done at uni. Would ten-out-of-ten recommend.”

News Editor

News is at the heart of what we do. As news editor, you’ll be responsible for making sure our news coverage is fast, fun, and the best Brum students can get. Writing several articles every week and editing your section, you’ll be finding national scoops, firing out breaking news, and giving our audience the news they actually care about.

Features Editor

As features editor, you’ll be making sure our features are on top of their game. You’ll be commissioning and editing stories from our writers, bringing ideas to meetings, and being on hand to get things out. Think brave experience features, original news follow-ups, and awkwardly relatable sharers.

The role allows you to be witty, opinionated and creative in your work – you’ll probably be writing a one or two features each week, and having a lot of fun whilst you do so.

Social Media Editor

As Social Media editor, you’ll be responsible for making sure our Instagram is banging: think funny videos, interactive stories, and the spiciest memes. You’ll also be confident in using social media to cover breaking news in innovative ways, continuing to grow our platforms into every student on campus is talking about.

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to apply for any of the advertised roles, please fill out the Google Form below.

The application deadline is Wednesday 6 May 2020. If you have any questions, drop one of our editors a message on Facebook.